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    QuestionI.Circle the word that has the underlined parts pronounced differently from the others (5pts)
    1.A.southern B.sunbathing C.breath D.thunder
    2.A.island B.rescue C.institute D.limestone
    3.A.jungle B.gist C.grind D.emigrate
    4.A.stretcher B.chemistry C.Christmas D.character
    5.A.heritage B.shortage C.teenage D.luggage
    QuestionII.Circle the word that has the stress on a different syllable from the rest in each group: (5 pts).
    1.A.reserved B.invent C.beneath D.wardrobe
    2.A.character B.transmit C.opposite D.dangerous
    3.A.festival B.heritage C.resident D.selection
    4.A.expensive B.sensitive C.negative D.sociable
    5.A.morning B.college C.arrive D.famous
    Question III. Circle the word or phrase which best completes each sentence (15pts):
    1.He had his father ___________his watch.
    A.fixed B.fixing C.to fix D.fix
    2.Million of Christmas cards __________every year.
    A.were sent B.are sent C.send D.is sending
    3.Switzerland is well-known for his impressive mountainous ________ .
    A.view B.scenes C.scenery D.sights
    4.Normally he is rather _____________but sometimes he talks freely about himself
    A.sociable B.reserved C.serious D.peaceful
    5.They had lunch together in the school__________ .
    A.cafe B.restaurant C.canteen D.bar
    6.He was seen crying, and his face _________red with shame.
    A.caught B.broke C.turned D.suffered
    7. I saw him _______the flowers in the garden.
    A.watering B.watered C.be watered D.be watering
    8.As she was running, suddenly she stumbled _______ a rock and fell ______ .
    A.at/off B.in/out C.over/down D.of/down
    9.Jane really enjoys __________to dinner parties.
    A.inviting B.being inviting C.being invited D.be invited

    10.After a month, Hoa got used to _______in her new school.
    A.study B.studying C.studied D.is studying
    11.Which girl is Hoa? She is the one with ___________ .
    A.long curly black hair B.curly long black hair
    C.long black curly hair D.curly long black hair
    12.He worked hard __________he could pass the final exam.
    A.so that B.in order to C.so as to D.as result
    13.Children are not old enough to look after __________ .
    A.himself B.ourselves C.herself D. themselves
    14.Chicago is ___________right on the shore of Lake Michigan.
    A.placed B.situated C.laid D.set
    15.My sister likes sweets ____________from chocolate.
    A.making B.made C.to make D.make

    Question IV. Each of the following sentence has one mistake. Identify and correct the mistakes (10pts):
    1.The doctor advised him to cover the burn area with a thick sterile dressing.
    2.Everybody I know like to eat chocolates and ice-cream.
    3.Smoking cigarettes are not allowed in this hospital.
    4.These bags are too expensive for we to buy at this time .
    5.The film is too interesting that I’ve seen it twice.
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